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Al Karnak
for Industrial Services and Supplies

Accuracy . efficiency . mastery




Pioneers in manufacturing cooling towers of all sizes according to international specifications, cooling tower fillers and drift eliminators, supplying cooling Towers sprinklers and fans. Towers are manufactured from

(galvanized sheet / stainless steel 304 / and fiberglass)

About us

  • The company manufactures towers of all sizes, from 15 tons to 1,500 tons of cooling

  • We are distinguished by different sizes and designs fiberglass towers

  • Supplying electrical panels, water pumps and all supplies with international brands and specifications.

  • We are distinguished by manufacturing cooling tower fillers and drift eliminators in the required sizes, according to European technical specifications.

  • Conducting a site inspection and provide technical vision of the situation

  • The company pays attention to after-sales services, while following up cooling tower efficiency.

  • We provide our services with high quality and competitive prices

  • Our vision and system is based on achieving mutual success, product development, and keeping up with new technology.

  • The company capable to supply disassembled cooling towers and installed in high places or places with limited space.

  • The company provides cooling towers maintenance service and necessary spare parts.

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